Top 5 Classic Hip Hop Songs about Love and Dating

From its inauspicious origins as a form of street poetry in the African and Latino American communities in the Bronx in the 1970s, hip hop has evolved to become one of the most influential forms of music, with rappers honing their skills across the globe.

Hip hop has spawned many sub-genres, as well as dance, theater, and movies. With such a rich and diverse catalog of songs, tracks and soundtracks to choose from, with pointed lyrics covering every subject under the sun, it's no wonder that hip hop artists often create memorable romantic moments. Of course, much of hip hop is concerned with the anger and frustration of inner-city ethnic minority life. But it is also capable of moments of tenderness – making it the ideal backdrop for romantics seeking love, whether that's in a hip hop club or by connecting on a dating site. Here are five classic examples of hip hop songs about love and dating compiled for you by dating experts from


I Need Love – LL Cool J (1987)


New York rapper LL Cool J, one of the hip hop artists to break into the mainstream scored a hit with this track from his second album ‘Bigger and Deffer.’ This single, a beautiful and introspective slice of melodic rap won a Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap Single in 1988 Soul Train Music Awards.


I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By – Method Man featuring Mary J Blige (1995)


New York-born Clifford Smith Jnr, better known by his handle Method Man, is a member of the legendary hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. He scored a big hit when he collaborated with R n' B chanteuse Mary J Blige on 'I'll Be There For You.' The single went on to be awarded a Grammy Award for 'best rap performance for a duo or group. As with much of hip hop, the song is a glorious mish-mash of previously released melodies, in this case, a remix of Method Man's track 'All I Need' with Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's hit singles 'You're All I Need to Get By.'


You Got Me – The Roots feat. Erykah Badu and Eve (1999)


Philadelphia's The Roots are more than just another hip hop crew. They perform as the house band on NBC's ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and are known for a unique approach to their craft, touching base with jazzy and eclectic elements rather than what traditionally constitutes aggressively-delivered hip hop. In this collaborative single, a trip-hop beat drives the plaintive vocals that underscore the strength of the protagonist's feelings: "If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or/What club I went to with my homies/Baby don't worry you know that you got me."


De La Soul – Eye Know (1989)


At the tail end of the 1980s, New York hip hip hop trio released on of the genre's most innovative albums, 'Three Feet High and Rising,' showcasing their trademark quirky lyrics and wide-ranging sampling. 'Eye Know' is a straightforward rap about the joys of love, punctuated by a simple chorus, 'Eye know, Eye loves you better.' Along the way, there are glorious riffs, whistling, and tuneful brass melodies, the whole piece basking in glowing sunshine.


The Pharcyde – Passin' Me By (1993)


L.A.'s Pharcyde have collaborated with numerous acts, including England's Chemical Brothers and Gorillaz. Like all classic hip hop, this tells a story, the singer wistfully recalling the time's love has passed him by. The verses coast along on fervent rapping, while the choruses slow everything down with a more plaintive melody, driven by a saxophone refrain.

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