Circus music has been an integral part of the circus experience for over a century. From fanfares to marches, these tunes have been used to introduce performers and create a festive atmosphere.

Entry of the Gladiators


One of the most recognizable circus tunes is "Entry of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik. This march was originally titled "Grande Marche Chromatique" but was later renamed due to its association with circuses and gladiators. The tune features a catchy melody and is often played during the grand entrance of performers.


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Barnum and Bailey's Favorite


"Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" is another popular circus tune that has stood the test of time. The march was composed by Karl King in 1913 and has been used in various circuses ever since. The tune features a lively melody that perfectly captures the excitement and energy of the circus.


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The Circus Bee


"The Circus Bee" is a march composed by Henry Fillmore in 1908. The tune features a fast-paced melody that perfectly captures the frenetic energy of the circus. It has been used in various circuses over the years and remains one of the most popular circus tunes today.


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